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Is a vaccine the only solution against covid-19?

Dr. Vicente Carreño shows us his point of view on the possible treatments and vaccines to face the coronavirus.

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Autoinmune hepatitis and COVID-19 disease

Regarding liver diseases, no direct relationship or increased risk of coronavirus infection is established.

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Take care of liver health in summer

In summer we usually change the routine of eating or resting, therefore, it is necessary to follow a series of recommendations to avoid liver problems.

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Physical exercise to avoid liver disease

A study has recently been published that analyzes the relationship between physical exercise and the reduction of liver disease.

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Protection against coronavirus

What type of protection do we develop against infection?

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Coronavirus (COVID-19): What’s new in the symtomps

Recent published studies on the Covid-19 coronavirus include novelties in symptoms presented by infected patients.

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Alcohol does not affect men as well as women. Why?

Depending on various factors such as body composition, weight or accumulated fat, with the same percentage of alcohol consumed, it affects women more.

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Respiratory infection by the new coronavirus: respercussion in the liver?

Why do transaminases increase?

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