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Safety and effectiveness covid vaccine in patients with a fatty liver

We analyze the various studies on the effectiveness of the vaccine against Coronavirus in patients with fatty liver.

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Characteristics of Delta coronavirus variant

The Delta variant of the Coronavirus has caused great incidence in the population due to its ease to spread

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Can children be a reservoir of covid-19, because they are not vaccinated?

We analyze the possibility of contagion in children by not being vaccinated.

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Likelihood of coronavirus infection after the first or second dose of vaccine

There have been some studies in different populations that evaluate the protection developed against COVID-19 after receiving the first or both doses of the vaccine.

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Spontaneous cure of liver cancer

Rare cases of spontaneous cure of liver cancer have been described in patients with various unrelated treatments.

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Can I get reinfected if I have already suffered COVID-19?

After having suffered from COVID-19 there are possibilities of reinfection but in a low percentage.

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Coronavirus variants and vaccine protection

There are a number of coronavirus mutations that could make COVID-19 an endemic disease like the flu.

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Symptoms that may last after the disappearance of the coronavirus

After having suffered from the coronavirus, symptoms can persist for up to 6 months after infection.

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