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Coronavirus disease prevention

There are several methods to prevent coronavirus infection, in this post we analyze the use of lambda interferon.

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Acute liver injury after coronavirus vaccination

A new dose of vaccine against COVID-19 is currently being recommended for people over 60 years of age or belonging to risk groups

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New variants of coronavirus

We analyze the latest news about the new variants of coronavirus and their incidence.

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Can the vaccine against covid cause liver disease?

We analyze the new studies that have related liver disease and vaccines against COVID.

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Brain injuries caused by COVID-19

We analyze the study published in Nature magazine on brain injuries caused by COVID-19.

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Durability of antibodies against coronavirus in unvaccinated people

As it is known, protection against Coronavirus infection depends on the presence of antibodies against the virus. However, it is not well known whether the defensive response lasts more than 6 months in people who have had COVID-19. A study on the durability of antibodies in unvaccinated people who had had COVID has been published… View Article

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When will the coronavirus pandemic end?

An interesting article regarding the omicron variant of the coronavirus has recently been published in The Lancet.

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Duration of the vaccine against COVID-19 and possible effective drugs

We analyze the latest studies carried out regarding post-vacial protection against coronavirus and the appearance of new medications.

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New drugs for the treatment of COVID-19

Two recent studies carried out with antiviral drugs demonstrate their effectiveness against Coronavirus.

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Effectiveness of the third dose of vaccine against COVID-19

We analyze the need for a third dose of reinforcement against coronavirus and studies published in this regard.

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