| Covid-19 | Health
Coronavirus variants and vaccine protection

There are a number of coronavirus mutations that could make COVID-19 an endemic disease like the flu.

| Covid-19 | Health
Symptoms that may last after the disappearance of the coronavirus

After having suffered from the coronavirus, symptoms can persist for up to 6 months after infection.

| Covid-19 | Treatments
Side effects of vaccines against COVID-19

Side effects have been described in vaccines against COVID-19, in this article we analyze the most important ones.

| Covid-19 | Health | News
Coronavirus transmission in restaurants

We analyze the incidence of the virus in non-ventilated spaces and crowds of people.

| Covid-19 | Treatments
What medications can prevent me from getting infected by coronavirus?

Vaccines are the approved drugs to treat coronavirus, but there are also some drugs that can help against infection.

| Covid-19 | News
Vaccines against coronavirus: Pfizer, Moderna and AstraZeneca

We analyze the differences and similarities of the three vaccines so far authorized in the EU.

| Covid-19 | News | Techniques
Is a vaccine the only solution against covid-19?

Dr. Vicente Carreño shows us his point of view on the possible treatments and vaccines to face the coronavirus.

| Autoinmune hepatitis | Covid-19 | News
Autoinmune hepatitis and COVID-19 disease

Regarding liver diseases, no direct relationship or increased risk of coronavirus infection is established.

| Covid-19 | Diseases | Enfermedades
Protection against coronavirus

What type of protection do we develop against infection?

| Covid-19 | Diseases | Enfermedades
Coronavirus (COVID-19): What’s new in the symtomps

Recent published studies on the Covid-19 coronavirus include novelties in symptoms presented by infected patients.

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