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New drugs for the treatment of COVID-19

Two recent studies carried out with antiviral drugs demonstrate their effectiveness against Coronavirus.

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Effectiveness of the third dose of vaccine against COVID-19

We analyze the need for a third dose of reinforcement against coronavirus and studies published in this regard.

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Vaccine against covid-19: duration of protection and the need for reinforcement

Last studies give light on the duration of the vaccine and the need for reinforcement against the COVID-19.

| Diseases | Fatty liver
Risk of coronary disease in patients with fatty liver disease

At the European Congress on Liver Diseases, held at the end of June, an interesting work was presented in relation to fatty liver.

| Covid-19 | Health
Duration of the vaccine against the COVID-19

Although numerous studies have been published on COVID-19, works regarding the durability of post-vaccination protection are scarce.

| Covid-19 | Health
Coronavirus: physical measures to avoid transmission

In addition to vaccines there are other methods to reduce the possibility of coronavirus infection.

| Fatty liver | Healthy nutrition
What is the best diet for fatty liver?

A study in Journal of Hepatology on the recommended diet for patients with fatty liver has recently been published.

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Need for third dose of vaccine against coronavirus

Studies on the need for a third dose of the vaccine against coronavirus infection have been published.

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