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What is the best diet for fatty liver?

A study in Journal of Hepatology on the recommended diet for patients with fatty liver has recently been published.

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Safety and effectiveness covid vaccine in patients with a fatty liver

We analyze the various studies on the effectiveness of the vaccine against Coronavirus in patients with fatty liver.

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Physical exercise to avoid liver disease

A study has recently been published that analyzes the relationship between physical exercise and the reduction of liver disease.

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Importance of sport in the prevention of fatty liver

Having a weekly training routine can help maintain good liver health and specifically prevent the development of fatty liver disease.

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Olive oil and fatty liver

Its beneficial effects in this disease

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Fatty liver: consequences

The accumulation of fat in the liver can affect other organs

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Study of moderate alcohol consumption in patients with fatty liver disease

Its impact on the progression of the disease

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Fatty liver: a disease that usually does not present symptoms

It is a liver pathology that affects a large number of people, caused by the accumulation of fat in this organ and that in most cases has no symptoms.

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Fatty Liver in La Mañana de la 1

This Friday the 17th in La Mañana de la 1, TVE, Vicente Carreño spoke about Fatty Liver. It is a disease that does not cause symptoms but that can become serious if it is not treated and that affects 1 in 5 Spaniards.

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