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Periodic and intermittent fasting diets

We analyze the benefits and effects of newspaper or intermittent fasting diets.

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Diets to lose weight: Importance of meal times

Overweight and obesity are the most frequent causes of the development of fatty liver, with the consequences that this disease entails.

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New drug to lose weight: SEMAGLUTIDE

Obesity and overweight are a major health problem worldwide.

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What is the best diet for fatty liver?

A study in Journal of Hepatology on the recommended diet for patients with fatty liver has recently been published.

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Clean the liver after Christmas

Not only is it enough to return to the daily feeding routine, from the FEHV Clinic we give you some tips to be able to clean your body of the excesses of the Christmas holidays.

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Can I eat eggs if I have liver disease?

Within our series “Liver and food” we explain the role of the egg in a balanced diet and its relationship with the diseases that affect our liver.

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Liver and diet (I)

A proper nutrition is important to maintain a healthy liver.

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