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Diets to lose weight: Importance of meal times

Overweight and obesity are the most frequent causes of the development of fatty liver, with the consequences that this disease entails.

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New treatment for hepatic steatosis

An exciting study published in the New England Journal of Medicine reveals encouraging results in the quest for an effective treatment for hepatic steatosis, commonly known as fatty liver.

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Withdrawal of antiviral treatment in Hepatitis B

Chronic hepatitis B affects over 250 million people worldwide and can progress to cirrhosis and liver cancer.

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Treatment of fatty liver disease

There are several treatments for fatty liver, both drugs and wearing a balanced diet.

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Diseases associated with fatty liver

Fatty liver disease may be related to others, such as obesity, diabetes, etc.

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New guidelines for fatty liver

Disease caused by fatty deposits in the liver (fatty liver) affects 20-30% of the world population.

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The impact of fatty liver in chronic hepatitis b

Fatty liver is one of the most frequent diseases and affects 25-30% of the world population.

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Physical activity in the prevention and evolution of cancer

It is known that physical exercise is important for general health and that it also helps to prevent and control cancer.

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Autoimmune hepatitis

It is a progressive chronic inflammatory disease of the liver that can lead to liver cirrhosis.

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It is a chronic progressive liver disease that mainly affects women (90% of cases) from the fourth decade of life.

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Hepatitis A

Hepatitis A is an acute inflammatory disease of the liver, caused by infection with hepatitis A virus (VAH).

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Fatty liver

It is the second cause of liver transplantation in the USA and in the next 10 years is expected to be the first cause. It is a serious illness if it is not treated properly.

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Hepatitis C

Hepatitis is an inflammation of the liver, and in the case of hepatitis C, caused by infection with hepatitis C virus (HCV)

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Hepatitis B

It is a viral infection of the liver that causes inflammation of the liver and the death of hepatocytes.

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