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Treatment of hepatitis C: important observations

Following correctly the prescribed treatment is essential for its effectiveness.

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Physical exercise and liver diseases

Performing physical exercise is highly recommended for people with liver diseases.

| Autoinmune hepatitis | Diseases
Autoinmune Hepatitis: A disease of difficult diagnosis and treatment

The frequency of autoimmune hepatitis is increasing in recent years. Its correct diagnosis and treatment is essential to prevent the progression of liver damage

| Diseases | Fatty liver
Fatty liver: a disease that usually does not present symptoms

It is a liver pathology that affects a large number of people, caused by the accumulation of fat in this organ and that in most cases has no symptoms.

| Fatty liver
Fatty Liver in La Mañana de la 1

This Friday the 17th in La Mañana de la 1, TVE, Vicente Carreño spoke about Fatty Liver. It is a disease that does not cause symptoms but that can become serious if it is not treated and that affects 1 in 5 Spaniards.

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To what extent is Sovaldi effective against hepatitis C?

Miguel Ángel Oliver interviews in Cuatro News the international expert Vicente Carreño. Those affected by hepatitis C claim that the 35,000 most serious cases immediately receive the drug Sovaldi.

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Keys to stop the development of hepatitis C medicines apart

Hepatitis C has become the real protagonist of Spanish health for a few months, as a result of the protests initiated by patients (with enclosures in hospitals included).

| Hepatitis-C
Hepatitis C: challenge for Health

We participated in the conversation Hepatitis C: Challenge for health, promoted by Fuinsa and Servimedia and that took place in the Press Association of Madrid.

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Autoimmune hepatitis

It is a progressive chronic inflammatory disease of the liver that can lead to liver cirrhosis.

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Fatty liver

It is the second cause of liver transplantation in the USA and in the next 10 years is expected to be the first cause. It is a serious illness if it is not treated properly.

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Hepatitis E

Hepatitis E is an acute inflammatory disease of the liver that can lead to fulminant hepatitis.

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Hepatitis C

Hepatitis is an inflammation of the liver, and in the case of hepatitis C, caused by infection with hepatitis C virus (HCV)

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Hidden infection by C virus

Up to 30% of patients with cryptogenic hepatitis can be caused by the seronegative hidden infection by hepatitis C virus (HIC).

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Cryptogenic Hepatitis

It is a liver disease of an inflammatory nature and can develop chronically.

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