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Duration of the vaccine against COVID-19 and possible effective drugs

We analyze the latest studies carried out regarding post-vacial protection against coronavirus and the appearance of new medications.

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New advances in the treatment of Hepatitis C

Reduce treatment time without losing effectiveness

| Hepatitis-C | Treatments
Treatment of hepatitis C: important observations

Following correctly the prescribed treatment is essential for its effectiveness.

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Hepatitis C: challenge for Health

We participated in the conversation Hepatitis C: Challenge for health, promoted by Fuinsa and Servimedia and that took place in the Press Association of Madrid.

| Hepatitis-C | Treatments
Efficacy of Immunotherapy with TG4040 in Chronic Hepatitis

TG4040 is a modified Ankara vaccine virus that expresses the hepatitis C virus NS3, NS4 and NS5B proteins (therapeutic vaccine). The Foundation participated in a phase II clinical trial in patients with chronic hepatitis C.

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New publication on Occult Hepatitis C

A new study by members of the Foundation for the Study of Viral Hepatitis on the presence of hidden hepatitis C in patients with chronic hepatitis B is published in the Journal of Medical Microbiology.

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Latest news about hepatitis C

In January of this year two important studies of Hepatitis C treatment without interferon have been published. So Kowdley et al (NEJMed, 222-232) have used three inhibitory drugs from different areas of the C virus.

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Therapeutic alternatives to control hepatitis C

Currently there are antiviral treatments against chronic hepatitis C (pegylated interferon + ribavirin + inhibitors) with a favorable response in 75% of cases. However, these treatments can have important side effects and contraindications for its administration.

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