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New drug for the treatment of fatty liver

We analyze the effects of new drug for the treatment of fatty liver, vonarefox.

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Aspirin: an old medicine with great therapeutic properties

Aspirin can have other uses beyond treatment pain

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New treatment for Chronic Hepatitis B

Chronic hepatitis B virus infection is a global health problem.

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New treatment for fatty liver disease

Recently a new drug has been presented for the treatment of fatty liver.

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What is genomic medicine?

Genomic medicine allows us to use the information available in the genes to obtain results that allow to treat diseases.

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Treatment of fatty liver with a triple combination of drugs

Fatty liver disease is the most common liver disease. It affects approximately 20-30% of the general population in developed countries.

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Side effects of vaccines against COVID-19

Side effects have been described in vaccines against COVID-19, in this article we analyze the most important ones.

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What medications can prevent me from getting infected by coronavirus?

Vaccines are the approved drugs to treat coronavirus, but there are also some drugs that can help against infection.

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Fatty liver: consequences

The accumulation of fat in the liver can affect other organs

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Importance of liver diseases in the world

A serious health problem

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