The Foundation for the Study of Viral Hepatitis is a non-profit organization with the aim of providing society with the latest advances in hepatology and the best treatment for our patients.

Currently, the FEHV continues to carry out important research studies in liver and kidney diseases, but for this it needs funds.

A message from our employers

Vicente Carreño

Our goal is to promote the study of liver and kidney diseases and disseminate the latest treatment techniques, for this we need your help

Rafael Herrero

Research allows us to develop new diagnostic and prevention techniques that have an impact on clinical practice

Julián Gómez Delgado: A Solidary Entrepreneur

The Foundation for the Study of Viral Hepatitis has presented a plaque of honorary patron to the businessman tolerated Mr. Julián Gómez Delgado, a man who has stood out for his great support for the work of the team led by Dr. Vicente Carreño.

Discreet, indefatigable worker and with great social conscience, Julián Gómez quietly supports one of the most important activities for the human being: to investigate the health service. He is an important, singular and supportive businessman. All an example.

We solve your doubts

  • Promote the study of liver and kidney diseases
  • Disseminate the latest treatment techniques
  • Finance research projects
  • Economic support of the research staff
  • Scholarships to study abroad

There are several types of help:

  • Scholarships and study and research grants
  • Collaboration agreements in research
  • Cash contributions
  • Donations or inheritances or legacies

If you are interested in helping or making a donation, you can contact:

Isabel Ramiro

(+34)91 544 60 13

Bank account number: ES54 2100 9074 1322 0027 5254.

If you do so, you will be sent a certificate so that you can deduct yourself from the income statement, 25% of the donation you have made.

Why come

We are a non-profit organization, we need your help to continue researching and helping society.


Knowledge is the best medicine to fight against the disease. Learn more about them.

Why we investigate

The only way to give the best treatment to our patients is by advancing in the study of diseases.