Treatment of fatty liver with a triple combination of drugs

18 September, 2022

Fatty liver disease is the most common liver disease. It affects approximately 20-30% of the general population in developed countries.

The causes of fatty liver and the mechanisms of development of the disease are multiple (overweight, increased cholesterol, triglycerides, glucose,…). This is why there is a possibility that treatments of the disease with combinations of drugs are effective. In this sense, it has been published in the Journal of Hepatology a study of the treatment of fatty liver with three drugs; semaglutide (induces weight loss), cyclofexor and firsocostat (which reduce the amount of body fat and liver fat).

The study included 108 patients diagnosed with fatty liver who were divided into various treatment groups to compare the effect of a single drug with the combination of the three. The treatment was administered for 6 months. All the drugs were well tolerated by the patients, although they had gastrointestinal side effects (nausea, diarrhea, constipation, etc.). Similar weight loss was observed between the various treatment groups (7-10% from baseline weight). In relation to efficacy, the patients who received the three drugs presented a greater improvement in fatty liver parameters than the patients who were treated with a single drug.

In summary, this triple combination of drugs (semaglutide, cyclofexor and firsocostat) improves the parameters of fatty liver and may be useful for its treatment. We will have to wait for more studies including a larger number of patients to confirm these promising results.

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