Why we research

Our goal is research in liver and kidney diseases.We dedicate all of our resources to it.

We understand that the only way to provide the best diagnosis and treatment to our patients and society in general is increasing scientific knowledge.

The FEHV Clinic, together with other entities, collaborates in research projects in several lines:

Genetic diagnosis of diseases.

Improvment in detection of hepatitis viruses.

Study of drug response related with genetics.

Advanced Analysis in virology (hepatitis C, etc).

In what we investigate?

If transaminase levels are above normal values means that liver damage is ocurring. What we do next is discover the cause that is producing that damage

Javier Bartolomé

Molecular Biologist

With the blood serum, we determine what is causing the patient’s liver damage, which can be a hepatitis B or C, or fatty liver.

Inmaculada Castillo

Molecular Biologist

FEHV Research is the cutting edge of molecular biology.

Vicente Carreño

Medical hepatologist



Knowledge is the best medicine to fight against the disease. Learn more about them.


We are a non-profit organization, we need your help to continue researching and helping society.


The doctors of the FEHV Clinic are recognized specialists in their respective fields of research.