An outstanding Clinic

Thanks to our research, our advanced technology and the vast experience of our team, we are able to diagnose patients with liver disease of unknown origin. This allows us to apply the appropriate treatment to patients who previously did not receive any.

Experts on Liver disease

For over 25 years, we have been working to solve the most complex diseases affecting the liver and other internal organs. The team led by Dr. Vicente Carreño has successfully treated over 10,000 patients and saved many lives.

Many of them come to our clinic with severe disease and no hope, but with our diagnosis, proper treatment and personalized follow, they manage to survive their illness and continue with your regular life.

Over 10.000 patients have been successfully treated

What makes us special?

Cutting edge technology

We have the best facilities and equipment to process the samples we receive.

Using PCR techniques we can isolate genomic sequences and analyze how the evolution of their disease will be.

Prestigious doctors

With over 25 years of experience, our medical team is considered an international benchmark, with more than 300 publications and presence in many conferences.

We have the best specialists in their fields, in addition to being backed up by a team of researchers that allows the diagnosis of diseases through molecular biology and genetics.

We are experts in fatty liver, hepatitis and other diseases affecting the internal organs, especially liver.

Advanced research

Our laboratory is considered one of the most advanced nationally for research of liver diseases. Your case will be treated with dedication and commitment to resolve the cause of your illness, no matter how complex and unfamiliar it is.

We continue to leverage our research activity, having collaborated with major pharmaceutical companies such as RocheBoehringer, IngelheimNovo Nordisk

One to one service

Our clinic has a trademark: the excellent treatment to the patient. Doctors, nurses, radiologists and assistants, will provide a unique client service.

This coverts leads to gratefulness from our patients and trust they place in us.





“PROFESSIONAL DOCTOR OF THE YEAR” Award (1988) Magazine “El Médico”