Safety and effectiveness covid vaccine in patients with a fatty liver

11 August, 2021

We analyze the various studies on the effectiveness of the vaccine against Coronavirus in patients with fatty liver.

There is little data on the safety and efficacy of the coronavirus vaccine in patients with fatty liver. A multicenter study carried out in China has recently been published in the Journal of Hepatology in which 11 hospitals have participated and have enrolled a total  of 381 patients with fatty liver disease.

Participants were given two doses of the SARS-Cov-2 inactivated virus vaccine. The patients were subsequently followed up to observe side effects during the first 7 days after each injection.

Antibody capacity generated

The amount of developed neutralizing antibodies against the covid (protective antibodies) was determined 14 days after the last dose. The frequency of occurrence of adverse reactions during the first 7 days after each injection was 25%. And the most common side effect was pain at the injection site (18%), followed by muscle pain (5.5%), headache (5.2%), and fatigue (4.7%). Secondary effects were tolerable and self-limited. On the other hand, 95% of the patients developed neutralizing antibodies against the coronavirus.

What is the effectiveness of the vaccine?

Therefore, vaccine against Covid-19 has been proven  to be effective in patients with fatty liver and side effects are similar to those of the general population.

Given that fatty liver is a very common pathology in the world (affects 20-30% of the population), it was necessary to perform a study like this to verify the efficacy and safety of the vaccine.

It should be remembered that in the large clinical trials that have been carried out with the various vaccines against Covid-19, only around 200 patients with liver disease had been included. For this reason; we think that more studies such as the one mentioned here, should be done in other liver diseases (primary biliary cholangitis, cryptogenic hepatitis, etc.).

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