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Atmospheric pollution can produce fatty liver

We analyze the last studio published where an exposureto high levels of pollution and suffer from fatty liver is associated.

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Sleeping more hours at night can help you lose weight

Several studies directly relate the quality and quantity of sleep times with weight reduction.

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When will the coronavirus pandemic end?

An interesting article regarding the omicron variant of the coronavirus has recently been published in The Lancet.

| Diseases | Hepatitis B
New treatment for Hepatitis B with vaccine

New trials published with hepatitis B patients suggests the use of liposome nanoparticles with virus antigens for their treatment.

| Covid-19 | Hepatitis-C | News
Duration of the vaccine against COVID-19 and possible effective drugs

We analyze the latest studies carried out regarding post-vacial protection against coronavirus and the appearance of new medications.

| Covid-19 | News
New drugs for the treatment of COVID-19

Two recent studies carried out with antiviral drugs demonstrate their effectiveness against Coronavirus.

| Covid-19 | News
Effectiveness of the third dose of vaccine against COVID-19

We analyze the need for a third dose of reinforcement against coronavirus and studies published in this regard.

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Vaccine against covid-19: duration of protection and the need for reinforcement

Last studies give light on the duration of the vaccine and the need for reinforcement against the COVID-19.

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