Protection against coronavirus

2 May, 2020

What type of protection do we develop against infection?

Human beings have two large defensive groups: humoral immunity and cellular immunity. For an immediate protection against coronavirus, the humoral immunityis essential, that is, immunoglobulins (antibodies).

The diagnostic tests against the coronavirus (rapid tests) detect two types of immunoglobulins called IgM and IgG, whose positivity in the analysis has different interpretations. Thus, a positive IgM result indicates a recent contact or infection. Therefore, in case of a positive IgM result in the coronavirus analysis, it is essential to know if the person is really infected. For this, it is necessary to carry out another analysis called Polymerase Chain reaction (PCR) to detect whether or not there is coronavirus RNA, that is, if there is an active infection.


Defense response against coronavirus

Tests de coronavirus


IgG positivity has a different interpretation. It means that the person has been in contact with the coronavirus or had the infection and is cured. Protection against coronavirus is given by positivity to IgG. However, not everyone who tests positive for IgG may be protected. This depends on the amount of IgG that a person presents: the higher the quantity, the greater the probability of being protected, that is, immunized.

On the other hand, the level of protection depends on whether the IgG antibodies that are detected are or are not the so called neutralizers. Neutralizing IgGs are essential to prevent the coronavirus from entering human cells and infection.

IfbothIgM and IgG are negativein absence of symptoms, itisverylikelythatyouhavenotbeen in contactwiththe virus.

When the coronavirus vaccine exists, it will be mandatory to determine its efficacy performing detection tests and quantification of IgG antibodies.


FEHV Communicates: To carry out the tests for antibodies against the coronavirus or the PCR, call tel. +34 91 549 80 03 / +34 91 549 32 04 Monday to Friday: 08:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Test’s place: C/ Guzmán el Bueno, 99 – Madrid

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