Durability of antibodies against coronavirus in unvaccinated people

3 April, 2022

As it is known, protection against Coronavirus infection depends on the presence of antibodies against the virus. However, it is not well known whether the defensive response lasts more than 6 months in people who have had COVID-19. A study on the durability of antibodies in unvaccinated people who had had COVID has been published in JAMA magazine.

The study included 816 people divided into three groups:

  1. 295 people who had suffered from COVID-19 (confirmed by an analytical test).
  2. 275 people who believed they had COVID-19 (no tests had been performed).
  3. 246 who believed they had not had COVID-19 (never tested positive for coronavirus).

It was found that 99% of the cases in group A (confirmed COVID-19) had antibodies against the virus with a mean of 8.7 months after diagnosis of the infection (range 0 to 20 months). In the group of people who believed they had COVID-19 but who were not confirmed with a test, 55% of them had antibodies against 11% of group C cases (people who said they had not had COVID -19).

In summary, this work shows that in people who have suffered from COVID-19, antibodies remain detectable for at least 20 months. This is encouraging data, although it would be important to know if these detected antibodies protect against the disease.

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