Latest news about hepatitis C

23 August, 2018

In January of this year two important studies of Hepatitis C treatment without interferon have been published. So Kowdley et al (NEJMed, 222-232) have used three inhibitory drugs from different areas of the C virus.

(ABT-450, protease inhibitor, ABT-333 polymerase inhibitor and AB 267 inhibitor of NS5A) in patients with Hepatitis C administered orally together with ribavirin.

They obtained a cure rate between 88-95% with a treatment duration of 8-12 weeks. They included previously untreated patients and also others who had not responded to interferon and ribavirin.

In another similar study, M.S Sulkowsky et al administered Daclastavir (inhibitor of NS5A) and Sofosbuvir (inhibitor of NS5B) orally to patients with Hepatitis C for 8-12 weeks. Patients without previous treatment or with a lack of response to other therapies were included (Interfeon peg, ribavirin and / or Telaprevir, Boceprevir)

Both in the 126 patients without prior treatment and in the 41 patients without response to other drugs, a cure rate of 98% was obtained.

Side effects in both studies were very mild. Thus 30% of patients noticed fatigue or headache.

In summary, the results of these studies are very promising, but it should be noted that patients with liver cirrhosis were not included, which are the ones that have the greatest difficulty in healing.

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