Hepatitis C: challenge for Health

23 August, 2018

We participated in the conversation Hepatitis C: Challenge for health, promoted by Fuinsa and Servimedia and that took place in the Press Association of Madrid.

After the intervention of different specialists from the political, health, clinical, patient and media environment, some questions were addressed to know how this issue is being addressed from different sectors, and what changes would have to occur to manage optimally the situation. Among the aspects that were discussed are the mission of each of the agents involved in this management, equity in access to Hepatitis C treatments, the situation at the national and regional level, research, coverage of generalist media and specialized.

The program was the following:

09:30 h OPENING
José Manuel González Huesa, General Director of SERVIMEDIA
Antón Herreros, General Director of FUINSA.
Vicente Carreño, President of the Foundation for the Study of Viral Hepatitis.
José Martínez Olmos, Spokesman of the Health Commission of the Socialist Group. Deputy for
José María Alonso, 1st Secretary of the Health and Social Services Commission. Group
Popular. Deputy for Cantabria.
Cristina Ibarrola, Managing Director of the Navarra Health System.
Emilio de Benito, Editor in charge of El País newspaper. Collaborator Cadena SER.
Francisco J. Fernández, Director of Pharmaceutical Post and Medical Journal.
Begoña Barragán, Member of the Board of Directors of the Spanish Patients Forum.

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