Fatty liver: a disease that usually does not present symptoms

2 October, 2018

It is a liver pathology that affects a large number of people, caused by the accumulation of fat in this organ and that in most cases has no symptoms.

Fatty liver is a disease that affects 20-40% of the general population worldwide. This disease, which is produced by fatty deposits in the liver, can evolve unfavorably to steatohepatitis and end in cirrhosis and liver cancer if measures are not taken to correct and eliminate these fat deposits.

A study has been published in the Journal of Hepatology aiming to know the frequency and evolution of fatty liver disease and steatohepatitis in several countries, including Spain, between the years 2016-2030. It is estimated that China will be the country with the highest frequency growth of fatty liver disease (30%), as a result of greater urban development. In Spain, the frequency of fatty liver disease in 2016 was 22.9% (10,532,000 cases) and it is estimated that by 2030 this frequency will increase to 27.6% (about 12,700,000 people).

Fatty liver and its incidence in the current population

In addition, the frequency of steatohepatitis will increase throughout the world, this increase being 49% in Spain and the mortality associated with this disease will double in that period of time due to the greater longevity of the population.

healthy liver to fatty liver

In summary, fatty liver is a very frequent disease and it can be a major health problem in the future. Keep in mind that the vast majority of patients do not have symptoms because of fat accumulation in the liver. Therefore, the diagnosis of this disease and implementing the appropriate treatment in each patient is essential to eliminate fatty deposits of the liver and prevent the disease progression. This was explained by Dr. Vicente Carreño during his visit to the TV program Las Mañanas de La 1.

In our Clinic, we have a great experience in the diagnosis of fatty liver disease and we have the best specialists for the treatment of this pathology.

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