To what extent is Sovaldi effective against hepatitis C?

23 August, 2018

Miguel Ángel Oliver interviews in Cuatro News the international expert Vicente Carreño. Those affected by hepatitis C claim that the 35,000 most serious cases immediately receive the drug Sovaldi.

Restricted in Spain for the most advanced phases due to its high cost, calculated at around 50,000 euros per patient. The platform has been sued against the Minister of Health, Alfonso Alonso, and against his predecessor in office Ana Mato. They are considered guilty of the death of at least two patients whom doctors had prescribed Sovaldi, but the medication did not arrive on time. In News Four we have spoken with one of the most respected hepatologists in the international field, Vicente Carreño, to clarify the most controversial issues: is Sovaldi the best treatment for all? Who should be prescribed immediately, there are alternatives top?

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